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Ammad Azhar

I Believe "The best relationship with God is to maintain a forgiving relationship with mankind."

Ammad Azhar is a professional Film Maker, Screenwriter & Director with more than ten years of experience in the field of Cinematography and Filmmaking. He has a versatile experience and has made various Short Films, Films, Documentaries, Music Videos and TV Commercials under the umbrella of Meditation Productions. He always uses latest techniques & equipment for Video making & Film Production.

He has been teaching Meta Physics, Screen Acting and Film making at various Institutes and has conducted workshops on Film Direction & Framing at Riphah University. He started his career in 1999 from Bari Studious. His Debut Feature Film “Whistle” was launched on 17th feb 2017 and got screened on all Digital Cinemas Nationwide. He not only directed the Film but also wrote its script & lyrics of the title song. His work reveals a strong grip on human psychology attaching audience’s emotions to the subject. His recent work is an inspirational song on Kabaddi which is also the Official Song of Super Kabaddi League. He focuses on emotional & inspiring subjects while adding his vision to contribute to the society in a positive way. He has directed various songs for International Labour Organisation (ILO) raising voice against Child Labour & creating awareness about Child Rights.

His first poetry book on Spiritualism titled Moujood (Presence) got published in the year 2002. The preface of which was written by the legendary Ashfaq Ahmed. Ammad has been awarded by National Television for his services as a Trainer at PTV Academy, on the “Art of Documentary & Filming”. He has been invited as a guest speaker on Film Development at the Information Services Academy (under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting) to deliver lecture to CSP Officers for the betterment & growth of Pakistan Film Industry. Moreover, he also received the IFDF Award 2018 for the Best Filmmaker.

Shafaq Ammad

Ammad is not just my life partner but also my spiritual mentor. It’s difficult to say if I love him more or respect him more. I couldn’t thank Allah enough for giving me an untypical man who is extremely understanding and has a beautiful soul. Meeting him was pure coincidence and fate-made as I strongly believe that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. In our case it was totally effortless… planned and executed by the divine force. Ive always hoped and prayed for a God fearing man who has immense love for Prophet Muhammad PBUH because I believe that such a man would know how to respect a woman and would be kind and trustworthy i.e. quality of an ideal husband and Alhumdulilah I’m thoughly blessed to be given that gift.
I could go on and on about him… Apart from his persistent caring nature and kind heart, his creativity n good humor has always inspired me. I’ve always been fond of poetry and write my own thoughts, but his poetry is unique in its own way… quite matchless actually as it takes you on a spiritual journey and open new gateways. Over the years I can firmly say that I am his biggest admirer as well as his critique. His direction in Filmmaking is intense and soulful as he does everything with pure honesty and passion. He might be the man behind the camera making people become heroes but for me and our sons he is the real super hero.
I wish him all the very best as Best is all that he deserves.

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